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Research conducted shows that up to 20% of school going children would show dyslexia symptoms. This statistic further shows that 27% of such kids also do not complete their studies if treatment options are not sought at an early stage.

What Can We Do Then To Assist Such Children?

First off if you encounter such a child, you need to offer a helping hand and also show them love. Children who are unable to read may be affected in the entire learning process since they tend to get things slow. Most times they would be characterized a stupid making them shun away from the larger society. In our homes, we need not to call them names like stupid but we have to support them and show them how to read even though it might be hard.

Diagnosis And Treatment Process

We also need to do a diagnosis and treatment for the child disorder. Our schools have many children yet the resources are not enough. In instances where a child shows dyslexia symptoms, then it is good to do a psychological checkup and try to get additional literacy aid from the experts. It is quite obvious that the child requires additional help to be able to improve on reading, writing and also be able to correct literacy problems. It is also good to seek other approaches that would aid the child to keep up and be able to read properly.

Special Aid For Dyslexia Child

This is a new area to consider for the dyslexia child. With all the reading and learning disorder, you can make arrangement for special aid a literacy level.  This includes introducing new learning styles for the child. Most times such children are frustrating to the teachers as well as parents and you can also make arrangement for a tutor during the summer before the beginning of the school calendar year. Fortunately, these children show greater improvements due to special aid as they learn outside the school premise.

Encouraging The Child

A parent must not feel discouraged with a child who has dyslexic symptoms. They only need to encourage their child to do better and ensure that they are confident in excelling in school. You can also try to explain this problem to them and let them know of people who has similar condition in their child age and now they are famous people in our society. For instance: Whoopee Goldberg, Thomas Edison and Jay Leno and the list is endless. Do not allow your child to feel that this is a kind of disability that would derail them in their school work or even life. Proper care is what they need as these symptoms may continue to affect them in life if they do not get proper treatment.

Dyslexia diagnosis in any child is traumatizing depending on symptoms. It may affect the child in a negative manner. Visiting this website Wynford Dore could just be the turning point of your child behavior. We need to assist such a child to overcome the situation and become a successful individual.

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